New Handy Sprayers from Sprayers Plus

The release of the 501 and 502 hand sprayers

Through the years in the lawn and garden industry, I have seen and tested numerous sprayers.  Some good.  Some bad.  I’ve closely monitored and had first-hand experience with many brands.  Among the numerous sprayer brands I watched evolve was Sprayers Plus.

When Sprayers Plus reinvented their sprayers in 2012, I was taken away by the new design.  The new sprayers were both eye appealing and performed marvelously.  These new sprayers quickly climbed in popularity as others experienced first-hand these new sprayers for themselves.

It is now 2014, only 2 years since the release of the reinvented sprayers, and yet still Sprayers Plus continues to reinvent and evolve.  As of the fall of 2014, Sprayers Plus has released 2 exciting new sprayers – the 501 and the 501.


Unlike their older brothers, the 501 and 502 are 1.5 liter hand held sprayers.  These new sprayers are perfect for small gardens, indoor gardens, hydroponics, and many others.  They are well designed and fit comfortably in your hands, just the right size to not weigh too much for delicate arms.

The 502 is the smallest sprayers in the professional series, but don’t let its size fool you.  It is built tough from the inside out like its bigger brothers.  And just like them, it can handle any job with ease.

The 501 takes the popular compression acid sprayers and puts it in the comfort of your own hands.  Like the 502, the 501 is built to perform just as well as its bigger brother.

These 2 new sprayers are a great addition to the Sprayers Plus line and will be available on in February 2015.  It is indeed a long wait.  But trust me, the wait is worth it.  These 2 new sprayers are that amazing.