29454S ART Positioner with Swivel

29454S ART Positioner with Swivel





The ART Positioner2 lanyard adjuster provides minute and feathered line release at the nudge of your wrist. Designed and manufactured in Germany, this lightweight and compact rope cam device is made with exhaustive attention to detail. Milled from high-grade aluminum and utilizing stainless steel pins and screws, the ART Positioner2 has the capacity to serve each climber with years of reliable safety even in our abrasive environment.

The Positioner cinches rope using a smooth-faced and non-aggressive clutch that doesn’t damage rope. This method also allows the user to release line while under tension making it extra handy for tasks requiring reaching or leaning. Climbers often seek the Positioner2 for it’s small size, ultra light weight and rope range accommodation, while safety directors often appreciate that line can only be removed with use of tools.

• Adjustable under tension
• Safety feature: Requires tool to remove lanyard
• Clutch now available for cut-resistant wire-core lanyards!
• Available with swivel connector
• Adjuster weight 158 grams (181g with swivel)

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