51260 CAMP Goblin Red Fall Arrester 10-11mm Cap

51260 CAMP Goblin Red Fall Arrester 10-11mm Cap





The innovative cam also creates perfectly smooth action on the rope whether it is being used to ascend or descend the line. Performance can be further increased by using the new patented Rope Surfer device.

Wear and tear on the rope is reduced to the minimum thanks to the specially designed locking mechanism that lowers the fall arrest force (the force transferred to the body in the event of a fall) by half compared to other devices and locks the rope along a long axis, rather than pinching it aggressively with a toothed cam.

Switching to the ascension mode is accomplished with the simple push of a button on the back of the device. Hot forged stainless steel locking components combined with a robust aluminum alloy body for exceptional durability over time.

Certified for single use up to 264 lbs. and for double person rescue scenarios up to 441 lbs.

Made in Italy.

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