Alpen Rigi 300 Harvesting shears 185mm

Alpen Rigi 300 Harvesting shears 185mm


Model Number: Rigi 300 Category: GTIN: 850051573059


The Rigi 300 snips are an essential tool for trimming your plants and harvesting fruit and vegetables. Its ultra sharp blades easily trimgi shoots, herbs and flowers, and being made from stainless steel do not rust and are easy to maintain. The long, thin blades with rounded tips make them an ideal tool for careful harvesting of fruit, vegetables and flowers.

  • Blade: Japanese stainless steelHandles: Metal handles with black oxide coating and yellow PVC grips (Phthalates free) / ALPEN logo laser engraved
  • Spring: Spiral with black oxide coating
  • Locker: Leather
  • Weight : 115 grams


Take care of your tools to keep them for a long time. It is recommended to sharpen the blade of your pruning shears as soon as it seems dull. After use, clean and store your tools in a clean and dry place. It is also necessary to oil your blade regularly. Use a quality grease from our Tambo line.