CDI 10002-I-ETT – 3/8″ Drive Electronic Tester, 100-1000 in lb

CDI 10002-I-ETT – 3/8″ Drive Electronic Tester, 100-1000 in lb


Model Number: 10002-I-ETT Categories: , GTIN: 6.62459E+11


  • Torque Range SAE: 100 – 1000 in. lb.
  • Torque Range  Newton Meter: 113 – 1130 dNm
  • Drive Size: 3/8″
  • Use Joint simulator with Power Tools
  • Power adapter cord included – Part #P115-30
  • Bench bracket available – Part #343-25
  • Socket adapter included with tester (female to female) suited for size of square drive of ETT
  • Integral transducer and sturdy housing allow mounting in virtually any position
  • Unique neck design allows the operator to see the LCD display when testing long torque wrenches
  • Accuracy: with .5% of indicated value, cw & cww, from 10% to 100% of full scale + 1 increment or least significant digit
  • Four modes of operation: oeak mode, power tool mode, first peak mode and track mode
  • Dual scale (English/Nm or English/cNm, dNm)
  • Auto/manual display reset
  • Reads bi-directionally (cw and cww)
  • Rechargeable NiCad batteries
  • Designed to be sturdy low cost tester, ETT can be placed on the wall in the factory, on a portable cart or on a bench allowing operators to test  torque wrenches or power tools without having to leave their station

The ETT (Electronic Torque Tester) is CDI’s portable torque tester. Unlike a torque calibration system, which can be used to generate a torque wrench certifi cation, the ETT is a portable, battery powered stand-alone torque tester. It can also be used on AC power. Its primary use is to check the accuracy of dial and click type torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers to maintain their accuracy in between calibrations. With the addition of a joint rate simulator, ETT can also check stall and clutch type pneumatic and electronic torque tools. It should not be used with any impact or pulse type tools. There are eight models with torque ranges from 10 inch ounces up to 600 foot pounds.