CDI 2503-F-DTC – Digital Torque Checker

CDI 2503-F-DTC - Digital Torque Checker


Model Number: 2503-F-DTC Categories: , GTIN: 6.62459E+11


  • Integral transducer and sturdy housing allow mounting in virtually any position
  • Unique neck design allows the operator to see the LCD display when testing long torque wrenches
  • Accuracy: within 0.5% of indicated value, cw & ccw, from 10% to 100% of full scale + 1 increment or least significant digit
  • Four modes of operation: peak mode, power tool mode, first peak mode and track mode
  • Dual scale (English/Nm or English/cNm, dNm)
  • Auto/manual display reset
  • Reads bi-directionally (cw and ccw)
  • Rechargeable NiCad batteries
  • Designed to be sturdy low cost tester, ETT can be placed on the wall in the factory, on a portable cart or on a bench allowing operators to test torque wrenches or power tools without having to leave their station
  • Square Drive: 1/2″
  • English Capacity: 25-250ftlbs
  • Nm. Capacity: 34-339 Nm
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs

Perfect for checking mechanical and digital torque wrenches
regularly before use. Simple operation and affordable, to allow
convenient mounting close to each departments where torque wrenches are
used frequently.