Felco 812 Kit FELCO 812-HP + FELCO 882-NP + FELCO 916

Felco 812 Kit FELCO 812-HP + FELCO 882-NP + FELCO 916


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Meet your new tool for cutting and pruning. The FELCO 812 electric pruning shears are the perfect combination of power and speed, with the versatility that makes them equally at home in vineyards, horticulture, parks and gardens, as well as nurseries.

Plug in and power up your FELCO 882 power pack and the FELCO 880/196 battery to unleash powerful clean cutting over a full day of intensive pruning. With a simple double click of the trigger you can choose between a larger or smaller cutting head opening setting to cut more efficiently and quickly through larger or smaller branches.

Understanding the performance of the FELCO 812 is as simple as reviewing the FELCO application on the display of your smart phone or tablet, the application contains all the data about your tool from number of cuts to battery life, it also allows you to manage tool settings so you can keep it operating at the highest level of efficiency.

The rugged and durable aluminum body means they will be by your side for a lifetime. Compact, dependable and efficient, the ergonomic comfort of the handle will make you reluctant to put them down. Slicing through branches with diameters up to 35mm / 1.4inches is something you will now do with ease, as the slim cutting head is easily maneuvered to prune those hard to reach branches. Productivity gains by using the FELCO 812-HP are achieved effortlessly, without any lingering aches and pain.

Your pruning tasks will undoubtedly become easier and your productivity will grow significantly with the FELCO 812 whether in cutting branches or vines, this tool is your versatile pruning companion that cuts comfortably and effortlessly through branches up to 35mm / 1.4inches with ease.

For FELCO, innovation is always about enhancement never compromise, the FELCO 812 has a combination of ergonomics, speed, power and maneuverability that make it versatile to perform in many environments across horticulture, viticulture and landscaping.

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A How-to can be found at https://myfelco.com/en/how-to

  • The versatile FELCO 812 electric pruning shears deliver performance that makes quick work intensive pruning jobs in many environments
  • The ergonomics and compact design provide a comfortable grip that makes the tool exceptionally well-balanced in your hand
  • The included FELCO 880/196 compact Lithium-Ion battery is fast recharging and provides energy for a day of pruning
  • The included FELCO 882 Power Pack is lightweight, compact and ergonomic, it holds the electronic board and battery, and can be comfortably worn in up to 5 different positions to fit all body types
  • A cutting capacity of 35mm / 1.4inches provides clean, fast and accurate pruning to keep pace with any intensive pruning schedule
  • The on/off switch is conveniently located at the tool base on the power cord for easy access
  • The FELCO application on your smart phone or tablet displays key tool data such as: battery power level, number and size of cuts made, and allows you to customize tool settings to optimize your working efficiency
  • Comfortable and safe operation with the soft touch, non-slip, phthalate-free handpiece covers
  • Progressive trigger operating provides for perfect control over the blade closing which ensures high precision and maximum safety as you cut
  • The semi-opening operating mode allows you to cut faster which saves you precious time and battery life while pruning branches with smaller diameters
  • The electronic blade adjustment system ensures ideal blade crossing to get the most out of your blade life
  • Maintenance of the cutting head is simple. Lubricate the recess between the blade and the counter blade via the grease bolt using the supplied grease pump, eliminating the need to take the cutting head apart
  • Red handpiece covers underlines our heritage while acting as a convenient beacon, so you can always find your FELCO tool in any environment
  • A high-efficiency brushless motor gives you exceptional cutting speed and reliability, so you remain confident regardless of the number of pruning tasks that lie ahead
  • All spare parts are available to ensure optimal working condition and extend the life of your tool
  • Made in Switzerland using 100% renewable energy