Felco 905 – Honing, sharpening and adjusting tool

Felco 905 – Honing, sharpening and adjusting tool


Model Number: 905 Categories: , GTIN: 783929404967


Designed for both professionals and demanding enthusiasts, this multifunctional sharpener is fast, efficient and easy to use. Thanks to the FELCO 905 sharpener, the cutting edge of the blade remains perfectly sharp and tool maintenance is greatly facilitated.

Cannot be used on left-handed or anvil pruning shears or power tools.


This multifunctional tool (performing: honing, sharpening and adjusting) allows for quick and easy maintenance of pruning shears for right-handers and bypass loppers. The tool is compact and combines several simple maintenance operations. A few strokes with the standard 90° tungsten carbide sharpener helps maintain the cutting edge of the blades. For finer sharpening, a second carbide stone ensures a perfectly sharp cutting edge. Finally, two 7 mm and 8 mm hexagon sockets allow for easy adjustment and tightening of the various moving elements of the pruning shears.

These new products are available from authorized FELCO dealers shops or the FELCO e-shop, and are ideal complements for FELCO users who want to regularly maintain their tools on their own.

Three functions in a single tool:

A – Keeps a perfect cutting edge on the blade

B – Sharpens the blade optimally

C – Makes it easier to adjust and take care of the tool

  • Suitable for right-handed bypass pruning shears and loppers
  • Easy use by professionals and demanding enthusiasts alike