Felco 923 Holster – Leather – With belt loop and clip

Felco 923 Holster – Leather – With belt loop and clip


Model Number: FELCO 923 Category: GTIN: 783929404547


Your FELCO 13 pruning shears are in for a treat. We have designed this rugged leather holster especially for them, but they are also the perfect holster for those who prefer a lower hanging holster. The FELCO 923 is the best way to protect and keep your FELCO pruning shears just where you want them at all times. Easily attached to your belt, carrying your FELCO 13 shears has never been easier and more comfortable.

This genuine leather holster is designed specifically for your favourite FELCO 13 pruning shears or for those who prefer a lower hanging holster for their favorite FELCO pruning shears. Attach the FELCO 923 holster to your belt by the choice of clip or loop and they will become an inseparable partner. Comfortable and practical – heavy-duty rivets and reinforced seams convey the kind of authority and hard-wearing guarantees that convince you that this holster will be around for the long haul. Ideal for carrying and gripping the long handle of the FELCO 13 pruning shears, this holster is also a boon for those with longer arms in carrying any of the full range of FELCO pruning shears.

  • The FELCO 923 is a hard-wearing and genuine leather holster that provides the ultimate convenience wherever your pruning takes you
  • Designed specifically for those who use the FELCO 13 and for those with longer arms
  • Combines practicality and style so you always look professional
  • A loop or clip attachment to your belt lets you choose exactly what is right for you
  • Assures maximum protection and safe transport of your pruning shears
  • Extremely comfortable to use from the start and as the leather weathers and ages