Felco 921 Holster – Leather – With belt loop and clip

Felco 921 Holster – Leather – With belt loop and clip


Model Number: FELCO 921 Category: GTIN: 783929404530


The choice is yours with the durable side-by-side double holster design of the FELCO 921. Its genuine leather construction can hold a pair of FELCO pruning shears and a FELCO folding saw or two pairs of FELCO pruning shears. The two storage pockets make tool selection a pleasure and once attached to your belt by a convenient clip or loop, its comfort and all day presence is a source of comfort and pride.

Protecting the cutting edge of your FELCO tools is essential and the FELCO 921 double holster is designed to hold them in safely in readiness for whatever the day throws at you. Its hard-wearing genuine leather construction, heavy-duty riveting and reinforced seams suggest that it’s not to be messed with. The choice of holding a pair of pruning shears and a folding saw or two pairs of pruning shears, means the only problem will be deciding which of your favourite FELCO tools gets left behind. With easy attachment to your belt by a clip or loop, the side-by-side arrangement provides for comfortable access and wearing.

  • The FELCO 921 is a hard-wearing and genuine leather holster that provides the ultimate convenience wherever your pruning takes you
  • Two side-by-side pockets – to store and carry one pair of shears and a FELCO folding saw or either two pairs of shears – to ensure that you can keep working efficiently and with minimum interruption
  • The easy grasp of both tools stored side-by-side ensures you can respond quickly to whatever your cutting session demands
  • Combines practicality and style so you always look professional
  • A loop or clip attachment to your belt lets you choose exactly what is right for you
  • Assures maximum protection and safe transport of your pruning shears as well as keeping you shielded from the cutting edge
  • Extremely comfortable to use from the start and as the leather weathers and ages